Olicard 200 & OS X Lion

After looking for a good internet connection for a while, I found one option with XXXXX. I followed the general instructions for installing the drivers for Mac Os Lion, I found an strange message: «No device»

Then Google (Thanks Google!) provides me some good answers and I think this is the best:

Olivetti Olicard 200 & OS X Lion

First question: Why it happens? In resume: available driver is just for 32 bits, and Lion is 64 bits. #fail.

Well, the post on italian and maybe you need something on english urgently.
Essentially, you need to do the following:

  1.  First uninstall the drivers previously installed.Go to Applications > and throw the application Chiavetta Internet Olicard 200  to the trash.
    At System > Library > Extensions and throw the four files with prefix JRD. One more step!
    At Library > Modem Scripts and delete one more file: JRD_HSPA_Modem
  2. Install new driver! available here:
    Username: markus.blaser
    Password: olicard200New driver: Chiavetta Internet Olicard 200.pkg or this
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