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    October 27th, 2022Enrique AnchundiaArticles

    Espol provides to its students and teachers with a content management system, “WordPress”, to create and manage any can of web blogs as you please for FREE and no EXPERIENCE on programming.

    If you are a Espol member weather a student, teacher or worker and you already got an username and password  a wonderful tool to use while and after your journey in Espol is “blog.espol.edu.ec“.

    << clik here , I’ll explain to you why is important to show your work”

    After Covid-19 in America and any other country in the world,  internet turns to be very important to communicate, to sell , to buy , to teach , to learn and many other things.

    Espol provides to students a platform to create as many blogs as you want unlimited and for free , you no gonna be worry to pay a domain or host or to be worry that someday if you not pay your content will get lose .

    All you have to do is go to “blog.espol.edu.ec” and click left to identification botton and log in with your student credentials.

    log in


    foot note:

    Espol is a is a prestigious University from 1950 located in guayaquil, Ecuador.

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    October 26th, 2022Enrique AnchundiaArticles

    Bienvenido a Blog de ESPOL. Esta es su primera entrada. Editela o borrela, ahora empiece a blogear.