First patch approved!

After some comments about each modification, as you can see here.
Finally, the patch 2583 was approved!

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IPC::Run for OSx

Maybe a little bit tricky, but I have some advances on e2e testing for Pig: installing ipc::run module for perl!

It took me half day, but it was quite instructive.

Let’s start by installing xcode «developer tools» for Mac, according to ipc faq I just have to check one option in order to get ipc::run, but it was not! I had the same problem: «Can’t locate IPC::Run»

After looking for some solution, I think this works:

  1. Install the module: cpan -i IPC::Run
  2. sudo cpan
  3. reload cpan
  4. exit

And as I read somewhere «it should works!»


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Olicard 200 & OS X Lion

After looking for a good internet connection for a while, I found one option with XXXXX. I followed the general instructions for installing the drivers for Mac Os Lion, I found an strange message: «No device»

Then Google (Thanks Google!) provides me some good answers and I think this is the best:

Olivetti Olicard 200 & OS X Lion

First question: Why it happens? In resume: available driver is just for 32 bits, and Lion is 64 bits. #fail.

Well, the post on italian and maybe you need something on english urgently.
Essentially, you need to do the following:

  1.  First uninstall the drivers previously installed.Go to Applications > and throw the application Chiavetta Internet Olicard 200  to the trash.
    At System > Library > Extensions and throw the four files with prefix JRD. One more step!
    At Library > Modem Scripts and delete one more file: JRD_HSPA_Modem
  2. Install new driver! available here:
    Username: markus.blaser
    Password: olicard200New driver: Chiavetta Internet Olicard 200.pkg or this
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Intellisense on Eclipse (working on Mac)


Eclipse (software)

Eclipse (software) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After half an hour trying to configure intellisense on Eclipse (on Mac), as usually works pretty well on Windows or Linux, but due to some key combinations are reserved to OS. I found this useful link. Easy, right?

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Starting points on Pig

How to start with pigAfter diving on the web about Pig and how to go deeply as contributor, I found the following links that may be useful for future contributors in order to have a roughly idea of the architecture:

  • Contributor Guide: here is contained the general instructions of how contribute to Pig.
  • PigNewParser: how was conceived the current parser used by grunt.
  • Programming Pig: Interesting overview of Pig, and how works internally. (Nothing compares to get our hands on the pigpen)


[This entry will be updated as soon as I found more and more interesting links]

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