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Center for Applied Dynamical Systems and Computational Methods

CADSCOM is a joint research center of the three scientific departments Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry at the Escuela Superior Politécnica del Litoral (ESPOL), Guayaquil, Ecuador. The research center brings together scientists of various fields with strong focus on nonlinear dynamical phenomena observed in real-world applications. Research activities are conducted at the interface between theoretical, computational and experimental approaches to address problems arising in science and engineering.

Topics of interest include:

  • Mathematical modelling and experimental study of real-world problems.
  • Bifurcations in smooth and nonsmooth differential equations.
  • Numerical methods and computational tools for dynamical systems.
  • Nonlinear oscillations in mechanics, chemistry, biology, electronics.
  • Modelling and control of plant and tropical diseases.

A list of selected publications is given below:

  1. Páez Chávez, J.; Götz, T.; Siegmund, S.; Wijaya, K. P. An SIR-Dengue Transmission Model with Seasonal Effects and Impulsive Control. Mathematical Biosciences, 2017 (Link).
  2. Liu, Y.; Páez Chávez, J. Controlling coexisting attractors of an impacting system via linear augmentation. Physica D, 2017 (Link).
  3. Liu, Y.; Páez Chávez, J. Controlling Multistability in a Vibro-Impact Capsule System. Nonlinear Dynamics, 2017 (Link).
  4. Páez Chávez, J.; Voigt, A.; Schreiter, J.; Marschner, U.; Siegmund, S.; Richter, A. A New Self-Excited Chemo-Fluidic Oscillator Based on Stimuli-Responsive Hydrogels: Mathematical Modeling and Dynamic Behavior. Applied Mathematical Modelling, 2016 (Link).
  5. Liao, M.; Ing, J.; Páez Chávez, J.; Wiercigroch, M. Bifurcation Techniques for Stiffness Identification of an Impact Oscillator. Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulation, 2016 (Link).
  6. Kapitaniak, M.; Vaziri Hamaneh, V.; Páez Chávez, J.; Nandakumar, K.; Wiercigroch, M. Unveiling Complexity of Drill-String Vibrations: Experiments and Modelling. International Journal of Mechanical Sciences, 2015 (Link).
  7. Páez Chávez, J.; Vaziri Hamaneh, V.; Wiercigroch, M. Modelling and Experimental Verification of an Asymmetric Jeffcott Rotor with Radial Clearance. Journal of Sound and Vibration, 2015 (Link).

For enquiries about research collaboration and opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students, contact us at this (Link).

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